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StreetSmart Collective

Powering Change Together

The team at StreetSmart believe no one should be without a safe and secure place to call home. We are expert in engaging the community, raising funds and getting help to where it is needed most to combat homelessness. We are now looking to partner with like-minded philanthropists, trusts, foundations and corporates to co-fund our community grants to smaller, grassroots homeless services across Australia and accelerate our impact in the community.

Partner With Us For Social Impact

Through a partnership with StreetSmart we can help you effectively target and tackle homelessness and domestic violence across local communities. Our new funding partnership will also provide an element of sustainability and capacity building to enable StreetSmart to continue to grow our community engagement, fundraising and impact.

StreetSmart will be developing partner engagement opportunities to share learning and sector knowledge. Currently community grants are distributed twice a year, November and May.

Quote from The Social Studio

2020 Collective Co-funded Projects

April 2020 – Total Distribution – to be announced

2019 Collective Co-funded Projects

December 2019 – Total Distribution – $203,070

Projects Funded

ARC Justice – Housing Justice – Establishing Successful Tenancies
Barwon Child Youth and Family – Foster a Future
Eureka Mums – Families in Need
inTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence – The Wattle Project
Northern District Community Health – Engage & Employ
Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) – Oxford Houses Youth
Southern Peninsula Community Support & Information Centre – Laundry and Shower Program (SPLaSH)
Two Good Foundation – Two Good Food
West Welcome Wagon – Welcome Warmth
Whitelion Youth Agency – Youth Housing Project
Zoe Support Australia – Retaining Safe and Secure Housing


ACF logo
Alf & Meg Steel Fund
B B & A Miller Fund
Story Street Fund

April 2019 – Total Distribution – $233,950

Projects Funded

Council to Homeless Persons – The Peer Support Resettlement Project
Elizabeth Morgan House – Safe Homes
First Step – Stay In Treatment Project
Fitted for Work – Ready to Work Program
HOMIE – Ecommerce for Impact
Peninsula Community Legal Centre – Rooming House Project
St Kilda Gatehouse – A Safe Home
The Social Studio – Youth Development Program
Youth Law – Frontyard Lawyers
Youth Projects – Pathways Project


ACF logo
Alf & Meg Steel Fund
Unico Community Fund

2018 Collective Co-funded Projects

December 2018 – Total Distribution – $238,720

Projects Funded

Everyone’s Home – Fixing Australia’s Housing System
The Father Bob Maguire Foundation – Mobile Tech Hub and Learning Centre
Footscape – Foot Care For Our Most Vulnerable
Ngwala Willumbong – Specialist Homelessness Support
Project Respect – Customised Workshops to the Housing Sector
VACRO – Second Chance Coffee
Wear For Success – Preparing Young People for Work
YouthWorx – Colour Them Safe


ACF logo
B B & A Miller Fund
Besen Family Foundation
Sunning Hill Fund
Unico Community Fund

StreetFunder September Home Share Melbourne co-funded by:

StreetFunder September Home Share Melbourne co-funded by:
Zalewski Fund
Judy Glick Fund

StreetFunder June Medical Outreach was co-funded by:

Unico Community Foudnation

May 2018 – Total distribution – $218,450

Projects Funded

Anchor Inc – Extreme Weather Relief
FareShare – Night Shift
Infoxchange – Ask Izzy
Society Melbourne (Crepe for Change) – The Coffee Cart Changing Lives
St Mary’s House of Welcome – Keeping My Home
Travellers Aid – Homelessness Support Points
Willum Warrain – Women’s Group


ACF logo
Alf & Meg Steel Fund
Unico Community Fund

2017 Collective Co-funded Projects

November 2017 – Total distribution – $285,500

Projects Funded

Australian Alliance to End Homelessness – Registry Week Activation Fund
Dandelion Network – Helping Families in Need
Family Access Network – Life Skills Outreach
First Step – Emergency Fund
Melbourne Homeless Collective (Melbourne Period Project) – Plate Up Project
Newtown NC – Boarding House Outreach Service
PIAC Homeless Person Legal Service – Employment Pathways Project
South Port Community Housing – 2018 Year of the Arts
St Kilda Gatehouse – Home Again
Taldumande YS – Intensive Family Support Program
Women’s Community Shelters – Efforts to Outcomes Project Officer
YWCA – Older Women Project


The Grenet Foundation

ACF logo
Story Street Fund
Espero Fund

April 2017 – Total distribution – $300,158

Projects Funded

Council to Homeless Persons – Peer Education and Support Program
Elizabeth Morgan House – Refuge outdoor & children’s play area improvement
Fitted for Work: Female Offenders Ready to Work Program
Safe Futures Foundation – Security for women and children
WISHIN – Making a House a Home
Wombat Housing and Support Services – Opportunities for Children and Young People
Youthlaw – Creating a positive future
Youth Projects – Women’s Wellness Programme


ACF logo
Alf & Meg Steel Fund
B B & A Miller Fund
Beeton Family Fund
Paterson Family Fund
Story Street Fund

2016 Collective Co-funded Projects

Nov 2016 – Total distribution $223,000

Projects Funded

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre – Housing Program
Flat Out – Access, equity & safety of the LGBTIQA community
Housing for the Aged Action Group – Home At Last
Justice Connect – Brokerage to prevent homelessness
Merri Outreach – Bright Futures
St Kilda Mums – Cots for Tots


ACF logo
Ballandry (Peter Griffin Family) Fund
BB and A Miller Fund
Johnstone Gumption Fund
Paterson Family Fund
The Pomegranate Fund

If you’re interested, let’s talk. We want to make things happen and are keen to hear from you.

Please contact our Founder and CEO:
Adam Robinson
0488 336419
adam @ streetsmartaustralia.org

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