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SmartCare supporting frontline workers

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Our Frontline Workers Need Support

Frontline homelessness case work is distressing and enormously stressful. Staff burnout happens regularly. Workers often suffer ‘vicarious trauma’ as a result of being regularly exposed to distressing material or stories.

On top of this along came COVID-19. Workloads have increased and thousands of rough sleepers have been rapidly identified, accommodated and supported. Outreach services, including health, are still helping people on the street, supporting people in boarding houses or emergency accommodation.

We have set up SmartCare to enable us all to support workers to sustain services to vulnerable people. Your donations will fund critical programs such as:

  • Psychologist sessions including critical debriefing, reflective practice and remote counselling
  • Mental health first aid courses
  • Self-care initiatives including vouchers, new staff equipment, fresh fruit & veg box for staff and team building sessions

I think SmartCare is an amazing idea to look after our staff. Many are over stretched due to constantly going above and beyond. Our residential staff regularly witness and experience abuse and vicarious trauma, in a system that doesn’t really function. You need to be tenacious to work here.

~ Frontline Manager
Dr Daniela Todaro

SmartCare Impact – 1st Grants Completed

Frontline workers have done an amazing job caring for some of our most vulnerable and marginalised people. It’s crucial that workers have good support for their mental and physical well-being. Our 1st round of SmartCare Community Grants has supported staff wellbeing programs at 15 homelessness services across Australia, building a stronger more resilient workforce. In total approximately 540 staff will be impacted.

Full details here 

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SmartCare Looking after our frontline homelessness workers – Download Proposal