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We fundraise to support grassroots projects that

tackle homelessness.

These smaller organisations provide vital frontline services, but often struggle with a lack of resources.

Community based organisations are an important part of our social safety net, and in collaboration with individuals, philanthropic and corporate partners our mission is to lend a helping hand and empower social change.

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Our Community Impact


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Impact you can see with the drop of a pin

"Your support has been amazing and I honestly don’t know what we would have done this year without it"

Jamie Cooper, Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Centre

"We love StreetSmart!! The grants approach is so personal, straightforward, dignifying and understanding of the issues faced by small grassroots charities working at the coalface of social issues, such as homelessness."

Mark Watt, St Kilda Gatehouse and Social Engine

"StreetSmart understands the complexity of creating social change and is prepared to support initiatives that are innovative and very engaged with their local communities"

Grace McQuilton, The Social Studio

"Thank you so much, I cannot put into words how important the support you provide – not just monetary but the time you take to reach out and in understanding the deep importance of place-based solutions"

Maria Leebeek, GCYS

"Many thanks for the amazing work you do in generating funds and resources to support people experiencing homelessness. The impact you have made is huge and is definitely appreciated"

Sue Carlie, CEO Family Access Network

"StreetSmart have been generously supporting our young, homeless LGBTI people since 2011. There have been times where, without this support, particular programs simply wouldn’t have functioned, so we are forever grateful. They are dedicated to supporting our most vulnerable and a great ally"

Chris Pickard (he/him), CEO Open Doors Youth Service

"Thank you StreetSmart people for everything you do to make life easier for people most in need"

Libby Heath, Housing for the Aged Action Group

Recently Funded Projects 

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March 18, 2024

Responding to the needs of flood impacted communities

We have just channeled direct funding and material aid into flood impacted communities. With a focus on supporting those already experiencing homelessness and disadvantage, funds are empowering grassroot organisations to…
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February 12, 2024

$67,400 boost to create homes, feed families, and care for pets

We are excited to share that the continued generosity of our monthly donors, those who chipped in to our End of Year Appeal, and philanthropic partnerships and trusts has resulted…
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January 22, 2024

10 Grants Creating Better Outcomes for People Interacting with the Justice System

Being without a home makes it hard to build a stable, healthy life and find a job. We know that people leaving prison are at a very high risk of…

Interested in receiving support? Here is what you need to know…

StreetSmart plays a unique role in the homelessness sector providing funding and support for smaller community-based and grassroots homelessness and community services. These front-line services are under-resourced, have limited fundraising capacity and find making formal applications for funding challenging. We support these organisations to plug funding gaps, support core programs and enable them to innovate and test new ideas.

We are able to fund both non-DGR and DGR organisations. Our focus is the support of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We ask larger organisations (over $2 million + annual turnover) to contact us to discuss appropriateness of an application.

Please read our full grant making guidelines below for further information and contact details.