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SleepSafe Donate for a safe night's sleep
Donate a Sleep Kit

We believe everyone should have a safe place to sleep. That’s why for the past two years we’ve partnered with Sheridan Australia to create Sleep Kits for people who are homeless.

These kits give people the basic comforts we take for granted.

Your donation will help give someone the security of their own bedding to use while they’re in either temporary or more permanent accommodation.

Sleep Kits are manufactured by Sheridan suppliers using excess material and each contain a single sheet set (fitted and flat sheets with a pillowcase) and towel.


Sleep Kits Raised
Community Partners

Checkout the community groups helped by their local Sheridan store

Checkout the community groups helped by their local Sheridan store

When women and children first arrive at their room at Bonnie's they are greeted with the beautiful sheet sets and towels included in the kits. That first night is often the first safe night's sleep they have had in a long time.

~ Bonnie Support Services, NSW.

This amazing donation will help families on low incomes - sole parents, asylum seekers and those who have lost jobs due to COVID and doing it tough.

~ Camcare Access Health and Community, VIC

As a centre who runs off limited funds, having these bed sheets and towels donated to the Townsville Drop In Centre, means we can afford to help individuals and families with other much need essential items.

~ Althea Projects. Townsville, QLD