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Join Industry Leaders, and Become a DineSmart Restaurant Today

DineSmart is a simple idea that fits in with a restaurant’s day to day operations.  Join industry leaders and other great community minded restaurants and connect with your diners and staff to make a difference in your community.

DineSmart Particulars

When is it?

From November 17 to December 31, 2023.

How does it work?

By taking part you are committing to raise funds in-venue by adding a $2 donation on every bill from November 17 to December 31. This donation is voluntary and can easily be removed from the bill upon request. We trust your diners will be delighted to have an easy opportunity to help vulnerable people during the Good Giving Season

What do you have to do?

Set up a $2 donation item in your POS and brief your staff so they can communicate your fundraising efforts with your diners. Electronic tills record donations, so administration is minimal. Just collect the total amount at the end of December and pass it on to us. We’ll then map and distribute the funds across our community partners.

Where does the money go?

DineSmart donations will help fund various responses to the homelessness and housing crisis, including: emergency accommodation, food security programs, tenancy support, material aid, youth and young parent support, legal service and much more. Thanks to the collective efforts of participating venues and their diners, StreetSmart maps and pushes funds into grassroots organistion across metropolitan and regional areas, supporting older women, First Nations & Indigenous people, youth, migrants and general homelessness communities.

What are the benefits of taking part?

Through DineSmart venues have the power to show their customers what they stand for and give them an easy opportunity to do good during the festive season.
With the help from our ambassadors, supporters, and also our media partner, Broadsheet, we’ll encourage people to dine out in partner restaurants, using our directory and article listings, wrapping a support hospitality and social impact message.

Join us in 2023.

Media Partner

If you have any questions or wish to talk to us about DineSmart 2022 please contact