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Kickstart conversations and action this Homelessness Week

Homelessness Week (7-13 August) is a major national event that raises awareness about the impacts of homelessness, and the solutions needed to end it. Everyone has a part to play year round but this week is an important time for creating visibility and raising community awareness. Our experience over the past 20 years has shown the value of education and awareness in tackling some of the barriers to ending homelessness, like public stigma, stereotypes, and misconceptions.

We believe that school communities are hubs of grassroots community led action and this week we encourage schools to use our ready-made classroom activities to kickstart authentic and evidence based conversations about homelessness.

Schools for Change is a powerful educational tool offering interactive, inclusive and flexible curriculum-aligned resource packs that connect students and their communities to homelessness and social change. Particularly with Homelessness Week around the corner in August, these resources are a great way to spark age-appropriate learning and advocacy experiences and are freely available to download online. 

We used the What Makes a Home activity to engage a group of young people in a community youth group. Our young people enjoyed the questions and the concepts being presented were done in a way that encouraged curiosity and discussion. I'd highly recommend the Schools for Change resources as a way to raise awareness and spark conversations about homelessness!

Stacey Aslangul in Naarm (VIC)

“These resources are outstanding! Homelessness is a very fragile topic and one that needs delivering with expertise and knowledge. The resources enable teachers to do this. The lesson plans are thorough with clear learning intentions.” 

Deb Catt, Primary teacher on Ramindjeri and Ngarrindjeri Country (SA)

“Young people are often at the forefront of social change and Homelessness Week is a great time to inspire learning, advocacy and impact. It’s all about empowering the next generation of change makers and their school communities.”

Geoff Hills, CEO StreetSmart in Naarm (VIC)

Ready to use classroom activities 

Designed in collaboration with Australian educators and the homelessness sector, our resources equip educators to introduce and explore topics including homelessness, poverty, inequality and social change. The lesson plans, curriculum maps, student hand-outs, and storytelling videos encourage evidence-based learning and empathy to reduce stigma and inspire advocacy. Check them out below!

What Makes
a Home


Resource Pack

Deep Listening to Different Stories


Resource Pack

Social Change Advocates


Resource Pack

Myth Busting


Resource Pack

If you’re a school, student, educator, parent, or teacher (or know one!) we encourage you to learn more about Schools for Change and get as involved as you can this Homelessness Week. Click below to find out more, or to check out our Knowledge Hub with all the latest reports, videos, and news about homelessness in Australia.