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Flood impacted communities

Natural disasters impact those already vulnerable the hardest

It was a tough end of 2023 and in reality, beginning of 2024 for flood impacted communities in Far North Queensland, Brisbane, northern NSW and central VIC. Cyclones and flooding caused widespread damage and as a result, has increased the strain on services already busy grappling with a cost-of-living and housing crisis.

During natural disasters, those presently on the margins or experiencing homelessness are most affected and require targeted support. That’s why it is important to prioritise support for people who are experiencing multiple vulnerabilities. During recent flooding in Brisbane, videos showed the impact on rough sleepers living in tents.

Meanwhile for families in Cairns, the flooding has exacerbated the housing and homelessness crisis. The reality is that for people already without a safe place to call home, natural disasters further exacerbate their challenges.

Empowering grassroots organisations who are already connected to their communities needs is our approach. We recognise their on-the-ground expertise and know that these local hubs are often the first place people turn to when they need support.


in grants and material aid for flood impacted communities


Sleep Kits to flood affected areas

Directing support to grassroots, frontline services

Our funder audience has stepped up and chipped in for flood impacted communities and has since resulted in a small grant round of $6,000 in QLD. With a focus on funding grassroots programs, Kingston East Neighbourhood Centre (Brisbane) and Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre (Cairns) have been supported. Boosted funding means flood impacted communities can access immediate support like food, shelter, and clothing.

Using the power of our collaborative material aid program SleepSafe, $11,520 in material aid has just been distributed into flood impacted communities. This is made possible through the dedication of Sheridan staff and their generous customers. Sleep Kits contain high-quality, new sheets and towels that give support, comfort and dignity in crisis. Kits plug a funding gap for frontline organisations with stretched budgets and staff by helping save precious time and money.

We also directed $7,000 in grant funding to flooded areas of high need within our End of Year Appeal grants. This funding supported food relief efforts in these communities, helping more people access meals, hampers, and community pantries.

The recent flooding has impacted community members and created additional pressure on individuals and families. This is in addition to the cost of living crisis which is acute in Murwillumbah due to rental spikes, limited employment options and ongoing flood and climate change impacts.

Murwillumbah Community Centre, NSW (Tweed Valley)

Among our cohort of flood-affected clients, we have a few sleeping rough and/or at risk of homelessness. We will zero in on meeting their most immediate needs while referring them to other organisations to help in the long run. This could be employment, mental health counselling, financial counselling etc. Kingston East Neighbourhood Group in QLD (on Yuggera and Yugambeh Country) 





Sleep Kits bring comfort, dignity, and practical support to those facing or experiencing homelessness.  As an ongoing initiative the program, in collaboration with Sheridan, provides critical inbound material aid to frontline organisations supporting people in need. Pictured here is the Micah Projects team, based in Brisbane with their latest sleep kits.   



Murwillumbah Community Food Hub

Murwillumbah Community Centre Food Hub 


Our clients are facing immediate challenges of homelessness due to flooding, loss of transportation, loss of household items and clothing, and hunger. This funding is helping us give out food parcels, petrol and grocery vouchers, prescription medication and help with purchase of small household items.” – Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre, QLD (on Yirriganydji Country)


  Working with philanthropic partners and leveraging the power presently existing programs has once again helped to provide quick and targeted support. If you’d like to partner with us to significantly bring about change for people experiencing homelessness, reach out to partners@streetsmartaustralia.org.