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     Pictured: ACU Placement students Laura and Jasmine, students at Kew High, students at South Oakleigh College

Kickstarting conversations and action

Over winter and throughout Homelessness Week in August, a number of schools got their communities involved in learning and advocacy, to simultaneously break down stigma and raise vital funds for homelessness services in their regions. Our Schools for Change program helped connect students, staff and schools to the topic of homelessness through creative, flexible, and evidence based activities. Because donations will be kept as local as possible, these schools will be helping fund community-led responses to homelessness in their regions.

“As part of Homelessness Week, we put up copies of the Fast Fact Sheet from StreetSmart Australia around the school to raise awareness and kickstart conversations.

We also hosted a sausage sizzle to fundraise, which sold out just after half bell! The event and BBQ was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff, a great success!”

– Sapphire at Kew High in Melbourne (Naarm)

“Our SRC chose StreetSmart as a worthy recipient of Urrbrae’s casual day fundraising, and $500 was donated to this vital service to provide emergency relief for people experiencing homelessness. Urrbrae students are very pleased to be able to offer their assistance in this way and make a local difference” 

Matt at Urrbrae Agricultural College in Adelaide (Kaurna Country)

Bringing school communities together 

The day brought the school together for an important cause and taught us that a small contribution can go a long way. It also started a conversation around an important social issue that we know our students and staff will take back to their families and the wider community.

Mackenzie, South Oakleigh College in Melbourne (Naarm)

We have also been pleased to host two placement students from Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. Laura and Jasmine have spent a month volunteering their time and lending fresh perspectives and insights into our Schools for Change program, helping us connect with more communities and develop additional resources.

Ready to use classroom activities 

Designed in collaboration with Australian educators and the homelessness sector, our resources equip educators to introduce and explore topics including homelessness, poverty, inequality and social change. The lesson plans, curriculum maps, student hand-outs, and storytelling videos encourage evidence-based learning and empathy to reduce stigma and inspire advocacy. Check them out below!

What Makes
a Home


Resource Pack

Deep Listening to Different Stories


Resource Pack

Social Change Advocates


Resource Pack

Myth Busting


Resource Pack

Fast Fact


Fundraising Pack

If you’re a school, student, educator, parent, or teacher (or know one!) we encourage you to learn more about Schools for Change and get in touch with any questions. Click below to find out more, or to check out our Knowledge Hub with all the latest reports, videos, and news about homelessness in Australia.