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CafeSmart 2014 raises record amount

By September 29, 2014June 19th, 2020StreetSmart News

What an amazing day the August 8th turned out to be. Across Australia, coffee heads came together to fundraise for their local communities with 410 cafes, 18 coffee roasters and thousands of coffee drinkers working together to raise a record breaking $120,263 (up from $83,950 in 2013 ) to fund local grassroots homeless projects. For every coffee sold on the day, cafes donated $1 and coffee roasters helped out supplying beans. It all came together for 2014 with terrific support from our main sponsor Vitasoy, our media supporters including Broadsheet, Beanscene, GRAM, YELP, Beanhunter, The Weekend Edition, and with a great new logo and collateral produced by Clear Design and PR support from Stellar Concepts.

Adam Robinson CEO of StreetSmart Australia said “We can’t thank the cafés, roasters, supporters and sponsors enough for making CaféSmart such a great annual event, and a fundraising success. Having over 400 small businesses involved during National Homeless Persons Week, creating a huge buzz on social media, and getting involved and fundraising was great to see. Yet again the hospitality sector, and in particular the coffee industry, has shown just how generous and community minded they are.”

100% of the tally will now go back to the community to fund smaller charities and organizations who often don’t have the resources to fundraise themselves. StreetSmart will now distribute the funds raised locally, to provide emergency aid including food and shelter, as well as projects that promote social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for some of our most disadvantaged neighbours.

CafeSmart is a huge team effort with every $1 donation helping build the tally.   We applaud all our ‘happy’ participants and also acknowledge our top fundraisers:

The National Champs at YELO (WA Champs)
First Pour Brisbane (QLD Champs) Top Paddock (VIC Champs)
 Café Name  AWARD
 Yelo  National Fundraising Champions
 Yelo  WA Fundraising Champions
 The Grounds of Alexandria  NSW Fundraising Champions
 Caffeteca  SA Fundraising Champions
 Good Brother  ACT Fundraising Champions
 Yellow Bernard  TAS Fundraising Champions
 Top Paddock  VIC Fundraising Champions
 First Pour Brisbane  QLD Fundraising Champions
 Knight’s Coffee & Tea Co – NSW
Mr Grazier – VIC
r coffee co – Picton, NSW
Wide Open Road – VIC
Single Origin Roasters – NSW
Don Campos – NSW
 Other Top 10 National Fundraisers

Also this year we had some fun asking cafes to try to raise more than their previous best year (our 2014 ‘Beat Your Best’ Award). This year was taken out by Sample Coffee with runners up Corinthians. Other top performers were Sunriser Espresso, Toby Estate Melbourne and Mitte Café. The 2014 Best New Participant Award was Knight’s Coffee & Tea Co with runners up Mr Grazier.

The Coffee Roaster Award
 Champions 2014:  Campos Coffee
 Runners up:  Five Senses Coffee


Thanks Everyone!