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     Photo: The passionate team at Pepper Money

How our Corporate Partners are Making a Difference in Ending Homelessness

At StreetSmart, we are passionate about ending homelessness and providing care for those in crisis. We understand that this is an enormous task that requires a collective effort from all sectors of the community, including corporate partners and passionate individuals.

That’s why we are delighted to work alongside many organisations and corporate partners that share our vision and are committed to giving back. Our corporate partners are helping respond to and prevent homelessness in tangible ways, whether that be through sponsoring our campaigns, fundraising for positive impact, or pledging a corporate donation. These collaborative efforts represent essential steps towards a more socially responsible and compassionate society.

Current modern leadership, of successful companies, recognises that responsible, active community engagement and meaningful contributions are an important part of their social licence to operate and their ESG reporting. By partnering with us, companies go beyond this recognition and commit to creating meaningful social impact. Thanks to their efforts, we can continue to provide vital support to plug funding gaps, support core programs and enable frontline homelessness services to innovate and test new ideas.

Partnerships which offer continual and consistent support over many years bolster our capacity to grow the breadth and depth of our impact in innovative ways. We are incredibly grateful for and enthused by such partners including Sheridan Australia, Vitasoy Australia, La Marzocco Australia, Vanity Group, Minter Ellison, and Hidden Secrets Tours.  And we also celebrate and welcome all the new partners who recently offered valuable support to our team..

Sponsoring a program or event…

Fundraising for us..

Corporate giving…

Does this sound like you?

In the last year alone, StreetSmart distributed $1,896,342 across 535 community partners and we couldn’t have accomplished this incredible impact in isolation.

We are always looking for more partners and supporters to help us make a tangible difference. We invite all like-minded individuals and companies to join us in our mission and find their own ways to give back. Whether it’s through direct donations or fundraising efforts, corporate sponsorship or volunteering, any support you provide can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

Get in touch with us today and discover how you can become part of our community of passionate and dedicated individuals striving to support those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.