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$84,250 distributed thanks to DineSmart restaurants and their diners!

Back in December, our loyal restaurateurs and their staff led the 19th year of DineSmart, chatting with customers and advocating for a world without homelessness. Thanks to their fundraising efforts and everyone’s generosity the event raised $84,250 that has just been distributed across 26 community partners!

A few months ago, more than 50 venues across different cities participated in DineSmart during the festive season. As you may know, these restaurants and bars had to overcome the challenges of the Omicrom outbreak, with lots of booking cancellations, staff shortages and supplies shortages. But that didn’t stop them from being true Ambassadors, raising funds and awareness to support vulnerable people in their local communities. 

Funds were raised $2 at a time, thanks to the diners who agreed to keep the donation in their bills, and everyone else who chipped in to DineSmart 2021. We are now very glad to announce that we’ve mapped these funds to stay local to where they were raised, distributing a total of $84,250 in 26 different grants!!

Where your donations went..

This week donated funds were distributed through our community grants program to 26 different organisations in four States, where DineSmart restaurants and diners raised funds. The organisations supported show how diverse the reasons for, and circumstances of, homelessness are. We continued our focus on funding small, grassroots, local, homeless charities, providing critical support to people experiencing homelessness, such as food relief, material aid, education and training, housing support, and safety for women and children fleeing domestic violence, plus much, much more.

Feedback from Grant Recipients…

Below you can find all 26 grant recipients from DineSmart 2021 –
Click on your State to see more…

State Grants No of Grants
NSW $ 25,000.00 7
QLD $ 8,000.00 3
SA $ 2,750.00 2
VIC $ 48,500.00 14
Total $ 84,250.00
Grant Recipient Project Grant Amount
Sydney Metro
Lou’s Place Brokerage and Group work resources $4,000.00
The Footpath Library Martin Place Mobile Library $4,000.00
The Haymarket Foundation A fresh start with new mattresses $4,000.00
The Twenty-Ten Association Incorporated LGBTIQ Youth SHS $4,000.00
Wayside Chapel Homelessness Community Services Centre $4,000.00
Women’s Justice Network Mentoring support $4,000.00
Regional NSW – Gosford
We Care Connect Reversing the impact of poverty with material aid $1,000.00
Grant Recipient Project Grant Amount
Brisbane Metro
3rd Space Community Support for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness $3,000.00
Community Canteen Community Meals $3,000.00
Murri Watch Cultural Activity $2,000.00
Grant Recipient Project Grant Amount
Adelaide Metro
SA Period Project 2022 Drive $1,500.00
Regional SA – Victor Harbour
Junction Homelessness support program $1,250.00
Grant Recipient Project Grant Amount
Melbourne Metro
Melbourne Bayside Emerge Women & Children’s Support Network Staying safe project $3,000.00
Melbourne CBD/Central Make Room Project Make Room $4,500.00
The Big Issue New Edition Vendor Breakfast Gathering $4,500.00
Wombat Housing Support Service Supporting Social Connection and housing $4,500.00
Youthlaw Legal pods – wrapping around care leavers $4,500.00
Melbourne Inner East InTouch Multicultural Centre inSpire $3,000.00
Melbourne Inner North HoMie HoMie Pathway Alliance $2,500.00
St Mary’s House of Welcome Winter Breakfast Club for Rough Sleepers $2,500.00
Melbourne Inner South Bridge It The Cocoon – Accommodation for Young Women $3,500.00
St Joseph’s Outreach Services Providing fresh eggs and cheese for the SJOS Food Store $3,500.00
Mornington Peninsula Southern Peninsula Community Support (SPCSIC) SPLaSH $3,500.00
Western Port Community Support Housing Support Program $3,500.00
Regional VIC
Daylesford/Castlemaine Eureka Mums Safe Sleep Project $3,500.00
Shepparton Greater Shepparton Foundation SSCC Homelessness Program $2,000.00

Shout out to our hospo partners!

We wouldn’t be able to help so many people if it wasn’t for the fundraising efforts of all 53 participating venues. But some went a little bit further, and we want to acknowledge them and give a shout out to their teams who got behind our cause and really championed the campaign!

Tucked away in the streets of Spring Hill, Brisbane, you can find this year’s National Top Fundraiser Champ, La Cache à Vin. Thierry and Carol, the wonderful couple behind this restaurant, have been involved with DineSmart since 2007, helping us raise and distribute more than $40,000 to their local community!

Raising more than $2,000 in their first year ever, the Top New Venue award went to The Lobo, in Sydney. We are so lucky to have an amazing and ever growing hospitality family. Welcome to the DineSmart team!

Chin Chin Melbourne and their sister venue in Sydney, together with Cafe Sydney and The Apollo also made it to the Top 5! They are all loyal partners but also good friends of ours, who have run the event year on year for more than 10 years!

Venue Name Award(s)
La Cache a Vin National Champ #1
QLD champ
Chin Chin National #2
VIC champ
Cafe Sydney National #3
NSW champ
The Apollo National #4
Chin Chin – Sydney National #5
The Lobo Top New Venue

A massive thank you to all the other venues who made this possible, and also to RESY , our presenting partner, CAPI  our supporter partner and Broadsheet Media, our media partner, for allowing us to bring this national event to the best tables.

It’s always exciting to share the good news stories on how DineSmart helped provide essential and innovative responses to homelessness all around the country.

Excited to do it all over again soon!

The StreetSmart Team