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StreetFunder Launches

By October 25, 2016June 19th, 2020StreetSmart News, StreetSmart Projects
Become a StreetFunder Today

StreetFunder – our new monthly giving program has launched.

Since StreetSmart began in 2003 our focus has been on our national fundraising events, DineSmart and CafeSmart.  Very quietly in the background and without much fuss, we have also raised just over $100,000 through our online ‘donate’ page. Generous monthly and one off donors have steadily added up, and these funds have also been supporting grassroots homeless projects.  But we think we can do better, partnering with a larger number of monthly givers to fund different projects each month – hence the idea of StreetFunder was born.

Currently we have a very small band of 36 dedicated monthly givers raising $1,187 per month.  These funds were previously pooled into our twice yearly grants round.  However we wanted to create a monthly giving program that connects our donors directly with the projects they fund, so they can see the impact their $’s are having each month.  It’s important we can see our impact as monthly givers.   I’m one of them and I know that’s what I want to see.

Why become a StreetFunder monthly giver?

StreetFunder will be like no other monthly giving program. It will give donors a chance to pool their funds with other like-minded supporters to fund a different project each month. We will seek out and fund a different project and provide donors with feedback on the community impact. 100% of the funds we receive (your donation less processing fees) will be passed on. As the $ pool grows we will consider supporting 2 or 3 projects each month. Start in October and your first donation will help fund the on road costs of the Orange Sky Shower Van during it’s trial in Brisbane.

All StreetFunders joined up by the end of November will receive a little thank you gift (just in time for Christmas) – a 50% OFF Discount Voucher for the StreetSmart store.

Talking of Christmas – our November StreetFunder Project of the Month will be Hawkesbury Helping Hands, supporting them to put on a Christmas dinner and provide services over the Christmas holidays, making sure people on the streets, and socially isolated, have somewhere to go and someone to talk to over the holidays.

Are you in?  To be one of our early adopters and help power grassroots homeless services visit our ‘Donate’ page. Once you’ve taken a look we’d like to hear your feedback and your help to spread the word through workplaces and networks.

We also want to find a funding partner who will match your donations each month to double our impact.

Project of the Month – October

This month your donation will help fund the team at Orange Sky.  Set up two years ago, Orange Sky is the world’s first free mobile laundry service for the homeless. The founders, Nick and Lucas, put two washing machines and two dryers in a van and wash and dry clothes for free. This month, StreetFunder members will be helping cover the on-road costs of their new shower van which is on trial in Brisbane. On trialling the mobile shower Dave ‘Bushie’ Brum enthused “They are awesome fellas to do this. It is like heaven being clean — it’s amazing.”  Fund them now.